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Our sales have grown 5X in about 6 months with Viatrix Support. They have the expertise and Team needed to grow any business online. I highly recommend Viatrix if you want to grow your Brand on Amazon consistently.

Shahnawaz Hussain, Right Choice

Before Partnering with Viatrix we tried services of many agencies but could not get the results I was expecting. In Viatrix All team are Highly technical team ever we have interacted with. In depth and sound knowledge of online marketplace working and process.

Salman Bakka, Being Adam

Our sales have grown 20x siince we started working with Viatrix. Its been 12 months and we are very satisfied with support given by their Team. They helped us from startegy to product planning, Market Positioning and Competing with Others.

Sanjay Jain, Old Sport

Viatrix provided me with best optimisation option & was able to get me sales in the category in which push was required. They have a amazing team who has good knowledge online platforms

Kusum Sharma, OrthoVedam

got the best response .sales boost a lots.team manager Sushaant very supportive nature..has resolved maximum of the isssues .very much satisfied ..reviews improved. overall excellent work by the team and the company

Ritesh Sharma, Blue Pink

Sales have grown exponentially after giving my account in Viatrix hand. They have optimized my listings as well as sponsored products. They are doing a superb job in running my sponsor at such low Acos!! I really appreciate their effort.

Sameer SK, LarioX

Case Studies

Brand - Fogger Category - Home & Kitchen Appliances Brand Goals - 10 crore Rs. in sales in next 12 months.

The Challenges of Fogger

1. Poor Product Visibility. 2. Seller Profile, Ranking and Rating were Low. 3. Poor Inventory Planning, Inventory Performance and Forecast. 4. High Order Returns. 5. No Idea about Brand Building. 6. Lack of Expertise in Online Business.


1. The product visibility and conversion rate has improved. 2. Seller Ratings improved from 2.2 to 4.3 3. Orders Return Rate reduced from 15% to 4% 4. Became Best Seller Brand in subcategories and top 5 in Main Category. 5. Average Monthly sales is 2 crore Rs. from 7 Lakh Rs. Achieved in 12 Months.

Brand - Right Choice Category - Bags & Luggage Brand Goals - To Improve Product Visibility and Sales.

The Challenges of Right Choice

1. Poor Product Visibiity. 2. Poor Brand Positioning. 3. Ordinary Product Designs. 4. High Competition. 5. Lack of Knowledge of Online Business.


1. Product Visibility Improved to the Top. 2. Brand Positioned for a particular niche segment of customers. 3. Started Beating Best Sellers in Visibility and Sales. 4. Average Monthly sales is 22 Lakh Rs. from 3 Lakh Rs. Achieved in 9 Months.

Brand - Big-Ben Category - Cycle Accessories Brand Goals - To Grow Consistently in Sales.

The Challenges of Big-Ben

1. Low Product Visibility. 2. Poor Ratings on Products. 3. Lack of Understanding of Target Customers. 4. Poor Stock and Inventory Management. 5. Lack of Knowledge of Online Business.


1. Product Visibility Increased and Showing on First Pages. 2. Product Ratings Improved. 3. Customer Profiling through Market Research. 4. Inventory Planning and Forecast Prepared. 5. Average Monthly sales is 6 Lakh Rs. from 80 Thousand Rs. Achieved in 4 Months.

Brand - OrthoVedam Category - Orthopedic Brand Goals - To Successfully Launch and Grow Consistently.

The Challenges of OrthoVedam

1. Product Planning and Design. 2. Product Sourcing & Content Planning. 3. Brand Positioning in the Market. 4. Target Customers Profiling. 5. Lack of Knowledge of Marketplace Process.


1. Product and Packaging Successfully Designed. 2. Brand Presentation and Communication Designed. 3. Marketplace Process Training Provided. 4. Within 3 Months Brand Launched Online and Doing 4 Lakh Rs. in Monthly Sales.

Brand - S.R.R Category - Herbs & Spices Brand Goals - To Find Market Demand and Grow Sales.

The Challenges of S.R.R

1. Selling from More than a Year but Sales was not Growing. 2. Lack of Understanding of Product Performance. 3. Listings were not Search Optimized. 4. Not Utilizing Marketplace Offerings.


1. Product Performance Improved. 2. Listing Started Showing in Search Results. 3. Market & Customer Demands Analysed. 4. Average Monthly sales is 1.5 Lakh Rs. from 60 Thousand Rs. Achieved in 3 Months.