Documents required to register as a seller on Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest and oldest brand offering online shopping with full reliability of product safety and secure delivery. This American company has established its foot strongly in the marketand offered the most convenient customer services. Now, joining Amazon as a small retailer or beginner is an easy and trustworthy process. Anyone as a registered company can register as an Amazon selling partner and gets the full benefit of wide customer reach. Seller required to register on : 1.   Email Id 2.   Mobile Number 3.   Legal Business Name 4.   Pan Number 5.   GST Number 6.   Bank Details 7.   Address Proof 8.   Digital Signature   Email Id – Use new email address and the email address should not be already in use on Amazon. Mobile Number – Use new mobile number and the number should not be already in use on Amazon. Legal Business Name – Legal business name is the trade name mentioned on the GST certificate. Pan Number – You can use your pan number or business pan to register as a seller. Bank Details – You can use saving bank account or current bank account on Amazon to register. Company bank account is not mandatory. Address Proof – This address will be used as pickup address for all your orders. Digital Signature – You can do signature on a white paper and click image of this signature, scan and submit. For any query please feel free to connect at