How to register as a seller on Amazon? A step by step guide.

Registering on Amazon is easy and can be completed in few steps. Here are the step by step guide to register.


Step - 1

Visit and Click on “Start Selling”

Step 2.png

Step - 2

In Next Page Click on “Create Your Account”

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Step 3.png

Step - 3

Fill your name, mobile number, email and password to continue.

Step 4.png

Step - 4

Complete your seller details which include your store name, your address and the products you wish to sell.

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Step 5.png

Step - 5

Complete your Tax details. This information includes the GSTIN number and PAN number

Step 6.png

Step - 6

Select categories of products you want to sell

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Step 7.png

Step - 7

Head to the dashboard where you can start calculate your shipping fees, complete your bank account details, tax information and upload your signature

Step 8.png

Step - 8

Next, select how you would like to ship your products. You can choose the easy-ship option if Amazon includes your pickup pin code in its shipping or you could select the self-ship option.